Restaurant il Rosmarino

Il Rosmarino

Our restaurant “Il Rosmarino” is available to our B&B guests. External clients should book in advance, with priority to those using regularly our SPA and pool and other facilities. It is also reserved for those attending any of the activities offered at the Tenuta, such as workshops and seminars.

“Pick (from the garden) and eat” (Colto e mangiato) is the philosophy of our cuisine. In other words we mainly utilize our fresh organic farm produce in the preparation of our food: from the many products of our vegetable garden, to the organic flour of our durum wheat, our organic extra virgin olive oil (EVO) to the eggs from our free range hens, the spontaneous herbs and fruits from our orchards.

We produce our own sourdough bread and fresh pasta from the well-known Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, which is one of the excellences of Southern Italian agriculture. As for meat and dairy, and anything we don’t produce directly on the farm, we select many products from nearby and local farmers that are known to us.

Our menu varies not just seasonally but almost on a daily basis, based on what’s available and fresh on the day. This is a guarantee that you will eat fresh food picked from the vegetable patch and cooked expressly for you. We strive to reduce to the minimum the amount of frozen or preserved food, and even in this case we use our home made natural preserves of fruit, vegetables and tomato sauce.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes are available on request, although we are not equipped with a separate production line for gluten or allergen free food. Therefore we decline any responsibility in case of strong food allergies, as we cannot guarantee total allergen free food.